Upcoming Roadtrips!

Hey All!

Unlike my usual posts, this is just a quick update. One week ago, I had surgery on my shoulder. As such, I won’t be able to do my regular work of massage for some time while I heal up. During the next 2 months, I plan to use this downtime to do a little bit of my favorite thing–travel of course! As soon as I have the go-ahead from my wonderful surgeon, I will be setting out on two separate roadtrips.

The first of these trips will bring me to a natural wonder that straddles the border of the United States and Canada. The awe-inspiring Niagara Falls. I will be making this trip with one of my closest friends, and staying for a weekend. The drive is going to take somewhere between 8-10 hours, I expect. I am thoroughly looking forward to this!

The second trip is much longer, but I have actually done it once before. I will be driving to Florida to visit some family, and in fact will be doing this trip with my Grandmother. As this is a much longer trip, I’m saving it til further into my recovery time. I’m excited to spend the time with my Gram, while we explore the East coast.

Be on the lookout for roadtrip-related articles in the next two months, as well as more “Hometown Tourist” pieces as I explore local gems, both known to me and yet to be discovered! Also if you have done either of these roadtrips (or are a local-hello!) give me a shout if there are places along the way that you think I would be mad to skip over!

**You can follow along with these adventures via my Snapchat: PrismaZephyr or my instagram: FrecklezRae as well!**

Be Well!



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