April Update!


I have been terrible at posting lately and for that, I do apologize!


Life is slowly getting back to normal for me. I have been back to work full-time for a few months now since my shoulder surgery, catching up on bills and getting back into a good exercise regimen. Everything seems to have healed up pretty well and I’m only experiencing a few limitations around the type of stretches and techniques I can do.

Next weekend, I’ll be traipsing off to Niagara for a few days with some delightful friends! This is my second trip up there, my first being back in October while I was still in a sling. In January, I also visited New York City for the first time. So needless to say, I owe you guys some reviews and intel for sure!


In the past couple months, I actually started a Youtube Channel (Linked!) too, which is part of why I haven’t had time to write very much. Please bear with me while I work out the balance between the two. I would appreciate and love if you gave my channel a look as well, since I’m thoroughly enjoying yammering away at the camera!

Thank you guys for your continued support and patience!! I have a few pieces and articles in the works right now, so please stay tuned!




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