Why I travel


Growing up, we spent a week on Cape Cod every summer. We rarely went anywhere else for vacations. Once in a while my family would traipse up to New Hampshire or Maine, and once we went to Disneyland.  So as a kid, most of my travel was done through the pages of books. To cities and times and worlds completely new. In my opinion, being an avid bookworm is where I got my travel bug from. It’s where I first learned about ancient places like Machu Picchu and beautiful Venice. I would let my mind wander the streets of far off places, and for a long time I wanted to be a photographic journalist as an excuse to visit well, everywhere. My work plans eventually changed, but my desire for travel never waned.

When you travel, you see the world through fresh eyes every day. My favorite part of traveling is meeting new people. Every single one of them is a story I haven’t heard yet, a book just waiting to be opened. They might have lessons to teach you about humility, gratitude, or empathy. Perhaps they will be a comedic genius and their wit will come to mind when you’re stressed and need a smile. People are beautiful beings, and travel broadens your experiences of them.

We live on a beautiful and amazing planet. I feel that traveling helps bring about more appreciation for all of its natural wonders. Seeing a picture of a mountain is pretty. Standing at the foot of one and watching the sun turning its peak orange as it goes down, that stays with you. I have cried over the beauty of a night sky unspoiled by city lights. Being physically there and experiencing a place for yourself is unique and transformative.

That feeling of breathless appreciation is why I will never stop traveling.




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