The reasons this blog was born!


The biggest trip of my life (so far) is coming up in about 9 weeks. I will be solo backpacking around Europe for two months. A lot of friends and family have asked that I keep them updated on my adventures and experiences. This got me to thinking a bit about the different types of travel I’ve done, as well as all the prep work that has gone into this one. I often find myself giving advice about travel, whether it’s camping or road trips, and I talk about travel all the time.

In light of that, upkeeping a blog that covers all the questions that I’ve been asked, and all the stories I’ve been compiling in my noggin, seemed like the logical next step to the equation. Admittedly, I haven’t traveled nearly as much as I would like to have by this point. I’ve seen a lot of New England, and I’ve driven to Florida and back up to Massachusetts. Now that I’m finally heading beyond the shores of the United States, I want a place to keep my stories and experiences, that will be convenient for my friends and for anyone else who may be curious about the places I visit.

I feel that a lot of my experiences and prepping for overseas is very unique. I spent months researching what bag to buy, so I can promise a post on that. I also ended up changing my entire itinerary twice to bring my budget down as much as possible. Keeping my spending to a minimum has been important, and I get asked all the time how I’m affording this trip. I’ll have a few posts up answering that as well. After my trip, I’ll do my best to provide a full cost breakdown.

Oh, and I’m a camera junkie so there will be plenty of photos! =D


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