Europe Itinerary for Two Months

Every day I feel the need to pinch myself. In one week, I will be on a plane heading from Logan airport in Boston, to Keflavik airport in Iceland. I haven’t been on a plane since I was a young child, and now I will be taking a solo flight to another country! After six years of dreaming, planning, budgeting, and talking about this trip non-stop, it’s finally right at my doorstep. I’m a frazzled mix of ecstatic and terrified.

As promised, I’m posting my itinerary so my friends, family, and fellow travelers can follow along with my adventure. Over the course of two months, I will be sharing stories and pictures from everywhere I go, people I meet, and the many different experiences I will encounter. Perhaps these will help you plan an adventure of your own someday!


The Route!

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland.  April 19th-24th
  2. Dublin, Ireland. April 24th-27th
  3. Glendalough, Ireland. April 27th-29th
  4. Edinburgh, Scotland. April 29th-May 5th
  5. London, England. May 5th-May 10th (One night in Birmingham, May 7th)
  6. Berlin, Germany. May 10th-May 14th
  7. Prague, Czech Republic. May 14th-May 18th
  8. Vienna, Austria. May 18th- May 21st
  9. Aviano, Italy. May 21st-May 23rd
  10. Florence, Italy. May 23rd-May 25th
  11. Riomaggiore, Italy. *Cinque Terre May 26th-May 28th
  12. Milan, Italy. May 28th-May 30th (A friend will be joining me from here on through!)
  13. Venice, Italy. May 30th-June 1st
  14. Rome, Italy. June 1st-June 3rd
  15. Naples, Italy. June 3rd-June 7th. (Day trips to Pompeii and Sorrento)
  16. Lecce, Italy. June 7th-June 9th
  17. Paris, France. June 10th-13th


Over the course of eight weeks, I have 20 cities planned. It’s admittedly as daunting as it is exciting! As often as possible, I will be staying with locals, through Couchsurfing and when that is not available I will be booking hostels. I love having the opportunity to stay with someone from there because I feel like it will help me delve into the heart of each place. Plus–I’m notorious for getting lost everywhere I go! Thus having someone I can get directions from is going to be a huge bonus! =)


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